Who is keeping an eye on your site?

Would you know if your website went down? What about if your email accounts got blacklisted and your emails weren’t being delivered? Do you know if Google is having trouble crawling your site? If a hacker changed your DNS to reroute your traffic to their site, would you know? Do you have links to “bad neighborhoods”? Are visitors getting “404 Page Not Found” errors? Has your traffic or search engine rankings taken a dip lately?

The sad truth is most websites are not properly monitored, and this can often lead to lots of headaches and lost revenue. It’s possible your site is going down periodically or that your email accounts got blacklisted, and your legit emails never got delivered. You could be a victim of “dirty SEO” and not realize your Google rankings have suddenly plummeted.

Who is keeping an eye on your site?

Areas that should be monitored...

Security threats. - Hackers are trying to break into your site – all day, every day. Your entire site will constantly be monitored so we'll know right away if there is a problem and can quickly react. We watch over everything from login attempts to file changes to suspicious code on your pages.
Website traffic. - Are you tracking your traffic patterns? With Google's excellent Analytics program, there is no reason not to. Measure in real-time how your various marketing efforts are working, how users are interacting with your site, and what can be done to improve your real-world results.
Email blacklists - Getting blacklisted means that some or all of your legitimate emails are getting blocked. You wouldn't even know your emails were not being delivered. Monitoring these blacklists lets us know instantly if your emails are blacklisted so the issue can be quickly resolved.
Google crawl data. - Google rankings are an important piece of almost every business website. Google Search Console provides data that helps you understand how Google views your site and to optimize your performance in their search results.
Website uptime. - Would you know if your website went down right now? It happens more often than you may realize, and it can cost you clients and damage your reputation. Uptime monitors continually check your site and send alerts should it go down for any reason.
Page-load speeds. - Just because your site is loading fast today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. The only way to have an accurate picture of your site's load times is to monitor it over time to make sure your site loads fast and stays that way.
Content scans. - Many issues can come up in your content. Spammers can place spam or links to "bad neighborhoods," or you could have broken links or visits to pages that have been moved or no longer exist. Monitoring alerts you to these issues so they can be quickly corrected.
DNS changes. - A new type of attack is to change your domain name settings to silently divert your traffic to another site or for spammers to send junk emails from your email accounts. Being alerted to any changes to your DNS helps you quickly minimize the damage.
We'll keep watch!

We'll keep watch!

Our monitoring service keeps a close eye on your entire web presence. We’ll instantly know if your site goes down, if emails get blacklisted, or if there are changes to your files or DNS settings. Plus, you’ll get set up with Google Analytics and Search Console and also set up automatic reports.

Ways we monitor your WordPress website...

Site-Uptime Monitoring

Would you know if your site went down? Our system will check on your website every few minutes to make sure that it's always up and running. If not, we'll know right away and can take whatever steps necessary to get it back online quickly.

Blacklist Monitoring

A common problem for website owners is their legitimate email accounts getting blacklisted – often through no fault of their own. Our automated systems let us know right away if your emails get blacklisted so we can fix the problem and get the site removed from the blacklist.

Malware Scans

Our premium security plugins actively scan your site for known malware. This common type of attack jeopardizes your visitor's privacy and identity and can quickly result in a giant red warning page before visitors can visit your site.

Speed Testing

It is critical that we keep your site running very quickly at all times. Occasional tests are not enough to have an accurate picture of how fast your site loads over time. We continually test, record, and report your site's loading time for the most accurate picture.

Spam Monitoring

Spam takes many forms, but none of it is good for you or your visitors. We watch for spam being sent from your website as well as spammy links being added to your web pages or in your comments sections.

Core, Theme & Plugin Scans

Hackers often will make small changes to WordPress files to stealthily alter your site. Our advanced systems automatically check the code of all your files against the original versions to alert us to any unauthorized changes.

DNS Monitoring

It's possible for a hacker to change your domain name settings – routing traffic to their site or using your server to send out tons of junk mail. These settings are not frequently modified, and when they are we will be alerted to ensure the changes are authorized.

Backdoor Scans

Some hackers place code that gives them a "backdoor" to your site or server. They can then control and alter your system and website however they want. We continuously scan for known backdoors and files that are not part of your original WordPress installation.

Login Monitoring

We monitor all login activity on your site. It may alarm you, but the bad guys are constantly trying to log in to your site, every day. We watch for malicious patterns and put security controls in place to keep the bad guys out.

Google Analytics Integration

We set up Google Analytics for you, connecting your site to the system, making general reporting available directly in your WordPress admin center, and creating automated reports so you can keep an eye on your traffic and the results of your marketing initiatives.

Google Search Console

Google gives us powerful tools to monitor how your site is performing in their search results. We'll set you up on Search Console and link it to your website. We'll then instantly be alerted if there is a problem on your site such as being infected with malware.

Block Fake Google Bots

We monitor traffic for visits from fake search engine bots and block them from accessing the site. This helps keep your site fast by not allowing it to be slowed down by too many pointless bots visiting your site all at once.

"404 Page Not Found."

A 404 page is shown to visitors when a page doesn't exist or has moved. By monitoring these bad URLs, we can automatically redirect future visitors to a new or different page, making sure they get your to actual pages instead of a "Page Not Found" error.

Broken-Link Checker

Having a link on your site that no longer works makes your site seem neglected and unprofessional. A broken-link checker will periodically follow all the links on your site, checking to see whether each page still exists and alerting us when it doesn't.

Disk Space Monitoring

Running out of storage space in your hosting account can lead to your website and email going down. We keep a proactive watch on your disk space, so we know you are running out of space before it causes a problem that results in your website going down.

Ensure your site keeps Cranking!

Don’t lose visitors and business due to your website being down or emails getting blocked. We’ll keep a close watch on everything for you and fix it right away if anything goes wrong.

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Ensure your site keeps Cranking!