We already have backups. I think.

WordPress websites typically have at least “some” backup system, but is it enough? Probably not. It’s easier than you might think to completely lose your website. Web hosts do offer minimal backups, and there are backup plugins available, but how those tools are being used may be putting your website at substantial risk.

The scariest issue is that backups are often stored on the same server as your website. That means you could easily lose your backups at the same time as you lose your site! A hacker could simply delete the backups, or the backups could be unrecoverable due to hardware malfunction, natural disasters, or even server seizure by law enforcement.

Another “gotcha” is short backup periods – sometimes as short as seven days. It’s not long before clean backups are overwritten with new, corrupted versions. You have little time to discover the problem, contact your host’s half-interested support, and hope they restore it in time. Without monitoring, you might not even know about a problem until it’s too late.

Regardless of which backup system you use, periodic human reviews cannot be overlooked. Things can and do go wrong with any system. The only way to be 100% sure that your backup system is working is for someone is to “test restore” from the backups to ensure the site can be recreated in any worst-case scenario.

Is it really possible to lose your whole site?

Is it really possible to lose your whole site?

Yes. Unfortunately, it’s something that can and certainly does happen – especially with 30,000 sites being hacked a day.

Server issues. Your site is only as stable as the hardware it lives on. Computers and servers crash. If your backups reside on a computer or server that goes down, you’re in trouble. Without an off-site system, you may never get those files back. Rebuilding your website from scratch is hard. There’s absolutely no reason you should ever have to do it.

Single backup location. Having your backup files in one location – even if it’s not on your server – is a recipe for disaster for multiple reasons. If a fire wiped out the building, both your live site and the backups would be gone. The most reliable backup systems utilize multiple offsite locations.

Malicious intent. Perhaps the scariest of all threats: a hacker or employee with an ax to grind. It’s entirely possible for a bad guy to take out your backup system before vandalizing your site. Trust us, you don’t want to be caught without a remote backup.

We've got your back!

A solid backup system is crucial for your website’s health. That’s why we include industry-leading backup systems in every support plan! We’ll handle everything so you can rest assured that your site is safe and secure.

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Our fully-managed backup system includes...

Premium backup service. - We use industry-leading backup services to generate and store your backup files. This system is as robust and fail-safe as a system gets.
Multiple redundancy. - You can sleep a little easier at night knowing that your data is stored in several physical locations. No matter what happens at one location, you'll never lose all your backup files.
Server level backups. - Our WordPress-optimized hosting is configured to add an extra layer of backup. We keep at least 30 days of backups that we can quickly and easily use to restore your site. More layers = more awesome.
Incremental backups. - You don't need to resave all the files on your site, just the ones that change. Right? Making a complete copy of your entire site including all media files during every backup can slow down your site and bloat your disk space. Our system smartly saves your full site only once and then saves changes as they happen. Genius!
Manual test restores. - We don't wait for an emergency to make sure your backup files work! Instead, we periodically verify that your backup system is functioning by attempting to restore your site from the backup files only. This fail-safe approach ensures that we can always get your site working, even in a worst-case scenario.
Your own copies. - We'll send you a complete backup of your site so you'll always have a working file from before any of our optimizations or modifications. We're happy to provide you with additional backups periodically, or even add the backup file to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or other online storage solution.

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