Isn't all hosting basically the same?

No. No, no. No, no, no, no… no.

Not WordPress-specific. General hosting plans are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. They are designed to handle many types of websites, which substantially limits how well the server can be optimized for WordPress websites specifically, like yours.

Limited support. It’s like they expect you to be the expert. With them, it’s your job to manage your hosting, and they’re only there with limited help. Talk about frustrating. Have a question about a WordPress-specific issue? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Unreliable speed. Cheap hosting providers optimize their hosting plans for profit margins, not performance. These servers are typically outdated, oversold, and not utilizing the latest technology, resulting in your website loading slowly during peak traffic periods.

Security limitations. With web hosting, what your neighbors do directly affects you. If they are sending spam, your emails could be blacklisted. Their site getting hacked makes it easier to hack yours. What kind of neighborhood does your website live in?

Limited server configurations. Most hosting plans give very little flexibility in configuring the server. This can place severe limitations on everything from speed optimizations to which plugins can be used to how reliably your site runs. More control = better results.

Minimal backup systems. With most hosts you are responsible for backups. The minimal backup systems that they do provide often fall well short of a complete and reliable system. Isn’t your website far too important just to hope for the best?

Isn't all hosting basically the same?
Every WP Crank performance and support plan includes fully managed, highly optimized, WordPress-specific Hosting!

Every WP Crank performance and support plan includes fully managed, highly optimized, WordPress-specific Hosting!

Everything we do starts from our high-quality WordPress hosting environment. It’s the supercharged engine that delivers your website blazingly fast. It’s the armored fortress that keeps your site safe. It’s the neighborhood where our engineers live and work.

We built our hosting environment from the ground up specifically for high-performance WordPress websites. We use only the best, most cutting-edge servers and highly optimize them with tools and customizations to make WordPress zing.

Running our own environment also means we can respond quicker and better. We don’t have to waste time getting logins, or figuring out other systems and how they work. Or worse, discovering that the host doesn’t allow a particular setting to be adjusted. We know our system inside and out and can quickly address any issues that may arise.

Best of all, you don’t have to manage a thing! Our hosting is truly “fully managed.” We take care of everything for you, and we do it well. We’re different from your hosting company because we’re not a hosting company. We’re a WordPress performance company, and our WordPress environment is our greatest weapon.

Our premium WordPress-Optimized hosting includes...

SSD drives. - Solid-state drives (SSDs) are yesterday's dream and today's reality. These drives have no moving parts and thus operate far faster than conventional drives, making a noticeable difference in your site's speed. Every host should have them – but many don't.
Memcached. - High-end servers with Memcached deliver database-driven websites much faster by "saving" the results of database calls to reduce the number of times the database must be called. Each call takes time, so the less the better.
No overselling. - Hosting companies put hundreds or thousands of websites on a server, all sharing the same resources. This can result in extended slowdowns, outages, and errors. You are also at risk of getting blacklisted due to "bad neighbors" on the server. That's not how we do things.
Exclusive environment. - We only provide hosting for our support-plan clients, so we know every site and owner on our system. We don't allow spammy websites or unsecured websites, so they won't negatively affect your site. It's a gated community for your website, and we're the security guards.
Optimized for WordPress - We don't try to have hosting for everyone. We focus on one thing: WordPress. That's it. We've built and fine-tuned our system for WordPress specifically so your site will be as fast and secure as possible.
Full management. - You don't have to waste any time figuring out how to set up and keep your website running optimally. Just focus on your business and website dreams. We'll take care of the rest.
Monitored backup systems. - We take backups very seriously. In addition to the backup systems we'll implement for your site, we also have robust backup systems for our entire environment. This redundancy helps ensure you are always protected. And, unlike other hosts, we keep a full 30 days of backups and regularly human-verify your backups.
Locked-down security. - Unless you have enough traffic to justify your own server, then you are vulnerable to the activities and insecurities of other websites on the same server. It's a real problem and frequently causes email accounts to get blacklisted. Our exclusive environment means we keep the screws tight and keep the bad guys out.
Google PageSpeed module. - This server module created by Google provides several key benefits for making your site load as quickly as possible. Maybe you've never heard of it – and there is a good chance your host doesn't use it – but it can make a big difference.
Advanced monitoring. - We keep a very close watch on our system. We utilize multiple alert systems to notify us instantly of any problems and receive continuous performance reports. We'll know right away if there are any issues and can respond quickly to get them resolved.

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Highly optimized, WordPress-specific hosting is absolutely critical, so we include it in every WP Crank performance and support plan. Get started today and we’ll get your site Cranking!

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