When should WordPress be updated?

Every time there is a new release! In addition to new features and bug fixes, the frequent WordPress updates are continuously responding to new security threats. Without these patches, it’s much easier for the bad guys to get into your site and cause real damage.

The open-source nature of WordPress also means that the bad guys can easily look at new patches to figure out vulnerabilities in sites that haven’t been updated. They, in essence, have a road map to hack into your site, which is why it’s absolutely critical to always keep your WordPress updated.

Plugin authors also frequently release updates. These updated versions of plugins often include new security patches and should be promptly updated on your site to make sure the bad guys stay out.

Can't I just click the update button?

Can't I just click the update button?

Yes and no. The actual process of updating WordPress is very simple: just click the button. Updating, however, means that the code is changing on your website, in a highly complicated environment where many, many pieces have to operate perfectly together. It’s not uncommon for an update to “break” something on your site, even potentially taking it completely down.

Our fully managed maintenance service ensures that your site will continue to run smoothly after an update by first performing the update on a duplicate, offline version of your site. We thoroughly test everything to ensure that the site will continue to work properly. If not, we troubleshoot the issue to discover the specific cause of the error and possible solutions. Once everything is working correctly, we then push the updates and fixes to your live site.

We always generate a clean backup of your entire site before any updates. Our backup system lets us easily grab a snapshot of your site before making any changes, and a quick restore feature lets us roll back your site within seconds should there be a problem.

We'll keep your site Cranking!

Since keeping your site updated and maintained is an absolute must, we’ve included full website maintenance in every WP Crank plan. You can rest assured that your site will be highly available and always up to date with the latest features and security patches.

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Some of the many ways we keep your site maintained...

WordPress core updates. - The single most important way to keep your site secure. We apply all security patches for you as soon as they are released and take great care to not cause any problems or downtime on your site during the upgrades.
Plugin updates. - Keeping your plugins updated is just as important as keeping the WordPress core updated. New versions of the plugins often fix security issues that could lead to major problems on your site.
Database optimization. - Keeping your database tables optimized is important to making sure your site loads as quickly as possible. We periodically check in on your database and perform any optimizations necessary.
Hack cleanups. - Many steps need to be taken after a site is hacked, from changing passwords, cleaning up malicious code/files, and restoring functionality so that your website works properly again. We do it all.
General maintenance. - There are many tasks that we may perform for your particular site or needs, such as removing spam comments, clearing out old post revisions, migrating your site, or making tweaks to keep your site working properly. Whatever it is, we take care of it to keep your site cranking.
Image optimization - Keeping your images optimized is a big part of keeping your site loading fast! We can scale and compress your existing images, set up automatic optimization tools for images uploaded later, and periodically do a manual review to ensure your images are well optimized.
Error resolution - Sometimes errors can pop up for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause, we'll dig in, identify the cause of the problem, and then get your issue resolved and your site running cleanly and smoothly again.
Fully managed hosting - Our support plans come with hosting included so that we can ensure your site runs quickly and smoothly. We handle all the maintenance on our servers so you don't have to worry about it.

Keep your site Cranking!

If you depend on your website to bring revenue and new business opportunities, ensuring it is safe and secure should be at the top of your top of your to-do list. Get started today, and we’ll take care of everything for you!

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