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Bug fixes. Did something stop working at some point? Or maybe never quite worked right? Our programmers can dig into the source code of your WordPress theme or plugin and provide solutions to solve those problems.

Design changes. Regardless of which theme you use, we can directly edit your CSS files to create any design you desire. We can touch up small misalignments or create completely new page templates.

New features. Ever think, “Wouldn’t it be neat if our site…” or “What would be really cool would be if our site could…”? We’re here for you! We can work with your existing site to implement any new features or plugins that your heart desires.

Custom websites. There is no WordPress project we can’t handle! We provide development services to many great marketing agencies and designers to breathe life into their designs, and we can do the same for you.

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True WordPress Experts

We live, breathe, eat, sleep, and live WordPress. We know it inside and out, and we keep a sharp focus on providing the most value possible on every project.

Code is Poetry

And we're WordPress poets. Solving website problems is a creative endeavor, and elegance goes a long way to a stable and easily managed website.

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Our coders have decades of experience and have built hundreds of websites. You will get nothing but the best, on time and on budget, every time.

Things we can help with

Install and configure plugins. - There is usually a great plugin that does what you need. We can help by researching which plugins to use and then installing and configuring them for your particular needs.
Bug fixes. - WordPress websites are a very complex and ever-changing system. Inevitably, some issues will pop up on your site that needs to be tweaked by a developer. We love a challenge!
Design changes. - Most themes have some control over the visual design, but there are always limitations on how much you can do. Not with us! Our programmers can directly edit your site's underlying code to create any change you desire.
Custom plugins. - Have a great idea for your website? We can build it! You dream it, and we'll build it just the way you wanted, no matter what it is.
Website development. - We can help you get your project off the ground! We can tweak an existing theme to further ingrain your brand identity – or we can build an entirely custom solution from scratch.
API integrations. - Modern websites often connect with third-party systems and data sources for a variety of use cases, whether it's a newsletter service, e-commerce solution, or customer relationship management.

We’ve done this a few times before!

Below is a sample of the many custom websites we’ve built - every one in WordPress.

Chelsea Bain

New website for a rising Country Music star who has performed at NFL and NASCAR events.

Bear Creek Farms

A family-run farm in NY state providing beautiful, giant Dahlia flowers to florists and flower arrangers.

Midwest Pinball

Provides restoration and repair services of arcade-style pinball games and sells used pinball machines.

Truman Tickets

The law firm of Aimee Gromowsky who focuses on speeding ticket cases in Kansas City, Missouri.

Aventura Dance Studio

A dance studio in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area in Southern Florida providing dance instruction in Salsa, Tango, and Hip-hop dance styles.

Mary Ann Archer

A mother and son jewelry design who operate a lovely retail establishment in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

The Most Inc.

The MOST Inc (Marketment® Organizational Services Team) is a leadership and organizational development firm with a focus on engaging both internal and external targeted audiences.

Timeout: To Retreat, Review and Renew

Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew was written to provide individuals in relationships, and in-between relationships with a how-to guide to enhance their personal and career goals.

Jayne Alofs Chicago Realtor

With her intimate knowledge of the Chicago market in upscale condos, urban homes and luxury townhomes for sale, Jayne Alofs has built a sterling reputation as a premier real estate agent in Chicago, IL.

Mitchell Channon Design

Award-winning Chicago interior design firm Mitchell Channon Design specializes in residential interior design that joins your personality with the character of your home.

Door County Brewing Company

Door County Brewing Company’s mission is to create carefully sourced, eco-conscious beers.

Duwamish Transportation Management Association

The TMA is a non-profit group dedicated to improving transportation services in, to and through the Duwamish business community.


Gazillion! is a branded online marketplace where B2B buyers can purchase directly from the original manufacturer, no middlemen.

Goldwind America

Goldwind is shaping the future of wind energy through innovative technology and a commitment to partnering with the best. For more than two decades we have been raising the bar- jointly developing the most advanced, cost-efficient wind power technologies available with German design house VENSYS.


LexRay gives immediate and easy access to current and custom applications, data, and video, delivered to one mobile platform.


Marwood is a leading provider of domestic, imported, and FSC-certified hardwood veneers for both the U.S. and overseas markets.

SSI Chicago

SSI is a managed IT service provider and consulting firm.

Amritt, Inc

Amritt, Inc. is a management advisory service facilitating trade between the West and Asia.

Artisanal Wilmette

Artisanal is a modern-day version of a family-owned neighborhood grocery, offering a wide array of locally sourced, organic and specialty foods.

Tenant Advisory Group

Tenant Advisory Group, LLC, is a best-in-class Chicago Commercial Real Estate Broker and real estate consultants.

South Haven Beach Homes

South Haven Beach Homes provides privately owned, luxury vacation rental properties in South Haven, Michigan.

Chicago Maritime Museum

The Chicago Maritime Museum is a leading authority on Chicago waterways and their significance to the city and the world.

The Path

The Path is a disciplined practice that helps you increase sales revenue. Custom theme and complex programming and computing.

STAT Revenue

STAT Revenue increases operating margins and protects future revenue, providing hospitals the additional revenue they need to provide essential services to their communities.

Total Event Resources

Total Event Resources provides discerning clients with the meeting and event planning services and the award-winning talent necessary to create exceptional special events and meetings anywhere in the world.

Ward Moore

Specializing in the construction industry, Ward & Moore’s consulting services include surety bonds, commercial insurance and risk management.

Healing Healthcare Systems

By bringing music and nature to the bedside, Healing HealthCare Systems has helped transform patient care at more than 750 hospitals and residential care facilities nationwide. - See more at:

Colin Kane, Entertainer

Colin Kane is a stand up comedian and actor.

The Succulent Wife

Heavy customizations of responsive theme and custom programming for lifestyle website.

The Association of Pro Bono Counsel

Custom design and directory coding for organization of attorneys who run pro bono practices in 85 of the world’s largest law firms.

Intercultural Montessori Language School

Dual-language immersion Montessori school in Oak Park, Illinois. Custom design and light programming.

Down Town Oak Park

A feature rich custom site for local business association of Downtown Oak Park, Illinois.

Robot City Workshop

Custom theme, animation, ecommerce and other programming for electric storefront attraction in Chicago.


Heavy customization of existing theme for digital business card company.

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